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HL01 - Determine academic subject matter, in addition to high school graduation requirements, necessary for pursuing a health science career.

HL02.02.02 - Analyze the cause and effect on health care system change based on the influence of technology, epidemiology, bio-ethics, socio-economics, and various forms of complimentary (non-traditional) medicine.

HL02.03.05 - Evaluate the impact of enhanced technology on the health care delivery system.

HLTS01.01.01 - Employ effective oral communication techniques when responding to patient questions and concerns.

HLTS01.01.02 - Assess patients/clients' understanding of the information provided.

HLTS01.01.03 - Demonstrate empathy for patients/clients.

HLTS01.01.04 - Construct communication appropriate to the needs of the patient/client and the situation.

HLTS03.01.02 - Analyze and assess patient/client response.

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